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Build 2017 : Party at Kolkata

Build 2017 : Party at Kolkata

Have you attended the Build ? Or if you have missed, have you made it to the one that we did in your city ? Well, if the first case was with you, then you missed a lot, while if its second being in the city, you missed really something. Yes, we have executed Build in our own way in our own city, i.e., Kolkata.

Unlike last year, this year we have hosted the full Build Keynote party with the community with the help of good people from Microsoft and lot of community folks.

First of all, we started from 6:30 PM IST, with some initial introduction and with a session on Microsoft Bot Framework. Abhishek Sur, introduced how easy the Bot development could be with new bits released by Microsoft and with the first day announcements with BOT, there is really something which we must talk about. It took almost two years where the speaker showed some awesome demo which he built.

18485290_10155435648254589_2563711699289627282_n  18485739_10155435648309589_5139821859429872610_n

The event really turned into gears when we started the keynote. It was almost 9 PM in the evening of a weekday, when almost near to 40 engineers were enjoying the keynote together. They laughed, enjoyed and clapped with some of the amazing announcements made that day.

Here are some for you :

  1. Testing IOS Applications in Windows (Xamarin Live Player)
  2. Windows Story Remix (Windows 10)
  3. Itunes is coming for Windows 10
  4.  Cloud based clipboards (which lets you copy in Windows and paste it in IOS / Android or anywhere)
  5. And many more…

You can find the uploaded video :

And finally, we did all fun stuffs. We raffled a number of cool gifts

  1. Pen – cum gadget.
  2. Bingo Game (Awards $50)
  3. Windows Developer Unlimited account.
  4. Build Stickers
  5. Ninja Socks
  6. And many more

We finally wrapped up at 11 PM.


You can find few snaps

Thank you all, who made it to the event. And if you haven’t do not miss the next one that awaits for you.

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I am a Microsoft MVP.

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