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Global Azure bootcamp 2016 – Kolkata

Even though we are doing our bits of the event every year, this year has been very special for us. We have very limited number of attendees and we covered some really deep dive session on Azure.

What is Global Azure Bootcamp ?

Global Azure bootcamp is a global event organized for the community by the community. All over the world we the dedicated people from community take one step forward and do such an event under the same brand. This time we did event all over the world on 126 locations.

You can read more from our global site :

What is there in Kolkata ? 

For our community we had lined up speakers

  1. Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP
  2. Kunal Chowdhuri, Microsoft MVP
  3. Nitesh Luharika, C# Corner MVP.

The event was scheduled at :

Abhishek introduced Azure basics and why should one go with Azure. Later he considered showing both the old and new portal starting from 10AM in the morning.

The second session was from Kunal Chowdhuri, who introduced how Mobile services and push notifications can leverage the mobile backend services directly from Cloud. His demo showed various types of notifications triggered for activities.

The third session is about Storage and Building Bridges. Abhishek Sur covered a lot on Storage areas and Enterprise service bus available in Azure. He demonstrated how event hubs can perform well in scenarios where performance is most critical. Later he introduced Stream Analytics to get output from the event data.

The fourth session is about CDN and SQL Azure. Nitesh Luharika shows how one can use Azure CDN services to optimize file delivery services and also how to use advanced analytics on top of CDN services.

Finally Abhishek concluded with Micro-Services and Service fabric concepts which were recently introduced.

What’s for the Attendees ? 

In addition to a long list of goodies coming directly from Global Team, we have also provided the attendees one Azure Pass each, which they can redeem themselves for their own account.


We enjoyed thoroughly during the event and also how to do such events regularly. Thanks for attending.

Drop a line if you have any suggestion.

About the AuthorBeginner

I am a Microsoft MVP.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Sourav_Bhattacharya10
    April 24, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    It was a great event.

    • Abhishek Sur
      April 24, 2016 at 6:05 pm

      Thank you for attending the event, we hope to do more of such events lined up. Stay tuned.

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