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I have written a bunch of RESTful web apis and now want to write integration tests.

I am thinking to write integration tests targeting staging server.

for example: My unit test will use Fark contexts but for integration tests, I want test if my business logic is correct. To do that I am thinking if I deploy my code on Staging IIS server and than run my tests. That way I will have fully functional live environment.

Please correct me if this approach is correct or not? Many thanks

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    March 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

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    Hi Jass,

    Yes, you can use your local host to check the web service. Even you an use some already built in Http / REST service executer (“PostMan Chrome Extension“) and use the same to detect the response. You can also create a small tool to call the rest services hosted on IIS and check the actual performance tests.

    Do let me know if you face any issues doing the same.


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